Organisational structure

A parliamentary system was introduced in 2003 and Troms County Council is politically represented by the elected County Government (Fylkesrådet). The current County Government is made up by five representatives from three different parties, Labour (Ap) , Conservative (H) and Christian Democratic (KrF). The Executive Councillors in the County Government are elected by and accountable to the County Parliament, (Fylkestinget), and responsible for the county council administration. The County Parliament is elected for a period of four years.

Troms County Parliament
The County Parliament consists of 37 elected members. They are elected every four years. The Chair of the County Parliament is Mr Knut Werner Hansen (AP), Deputy Chair is Ms Christine Bertheussen Killie (H).

Troms County Government


Name: Title: Responsible for:
Pia Svensgaard (Ap)                                    


Central Administration

Mariam Rapp (KrF)

Executive Councillor

Culture, Health and Environment

Kari-Anne Oppsal (AP) Executive Councillor

Business Development

Terje Olsen (H) Executive Councillor


Kent Gudmundsen (H) Executive Councillor Education


Council Departments:


  • Chief of Staff
  • Central Administration
  • Culture (Health, Environment)
  • Business Development 
  • Dental Health
  • Education
  • Transport

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