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This is the current English version of the council website as presented by the Chief of Staff. Here you will find an overview of the international work of our organisation, in which Troms County Council is involved.





Troms County Council
In Troms, the system of parliamentarianism has been introduced and Troms County Council is politically represented by the elected County Government (Fylkesrådet). The Executive Councillors are elected by and accountable to the County Parliament, (Fylkestinget), and responsible for the county council administration. The County Parliament is elected for a period of four years.

Chief of Staff
The department is directly accountable to the Chair of the County Government, Line Fusdahl. The main duties of the Chiefof Staff include administration and support to the Chair managing and co-ordinating the work of the County Council. Chief of Staff has the overall responsibility for co-ordinating the County Council's development projects, overall political frameworks and to monitor the political development in general on all levels. The Chief of Staff co-ordinates and monitors the following areas: 

  • High North Affairs
  • Regional Affairs
  • International Relations
  • Strategic Planning
  • Defence
  • Projects

In these pages you can read more about the council's international agenda, about our co-operation with the Barents Region and Europe, including projects Troms County Council is involved with. Please do not hesitate to contact us with any queries related to our field of work. Below you will find some more information about Troms County.

Troms 68º-70º North
Troms is one of three counties in North Norway. Troms is known for its rich and varied outdoor life, but it is also urban and has a vibrant cultural life, both traditional and modern. The county comprises 25 municipalities where three different cultures meet: the Norwegian, Sami and Kven cultures.

 As a first introduction to Troms, we hope you will enjoy the following links:

  • an English version of our brochure about Troms  and an English version of our brochure about Troms County Council - Organization - Vision - Tasks
    These are a PDF files, and in order to view or print them, you need to have the free Adobe Acrobat Reader Program installed on your computer
  • a film about Troms, in a long (2 min. 20 sec.) and a short (30 sec.) version

Troms fylkeskommune
Postboks 6600, 9296 Tromsø
Telefon: 777 88000 - Telefaks: 777 88001
E-post: postmottak@tromsfylke.no
Organisasjonsnummer: NO 864870732
Troms fylkeskommune
"Navn på skole/tannklinikk/enhet"
Postboks 338 Alnabru, 0614 OSLO
E-post faktura (pdf) : troms-fylke@nets.eu
Elektronisk faktura (EHF)
Fylkeshuset i Tromsø
Strandvegen 13, 9007 Tromsø
Åpningstider: Man - Fre: 08:00-15:45
(15:00 fra 15. mai til 15. september)

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